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Solution ROLEF, a dynamic and growing company, manufactures specialized innovative handcrafted screen doors and accessories for recreational vehicles. Our workforce now totals 35 employees working in a great multicultural and team spirit. Our workshop is welcoming, clean, well lit and air-conditioned. We respect all COVID-19 regulations, and offer free masks and hand sanitizer to all employees and visitors. Employees have 8-hour shifts and we try to accommodate various daytime schedules. We offer free and easy parking, while our worksite is accessible by metro and bus.

Hiring Sewing Machine Operators

As a sewing machine operator, the employee must be able to produce made-to-measure various types of netting to other fabrics. Must be able to adjust, modify and repair different models according to needs, moreover, the sewer needs to read production files properly, verify the quality of their execution, detect problems and inform his or her immediate supervisor.

Work and responsibilities
  • Receive instructions concerning assembly work or finishing to be carried out
  • Read a sewing diagram
  • Mastery of intermediate level of sewing techniques
  • Reproduce a sample’s characteristics
  • Know how to set up the work station and gather tools
  • Scissor sharpening knowledge
  • Choice of needles and presser feet
  • Master threading of various machines
  • Spool winding and configuration of sewing machine
  • Assemble and verify product pieces or sections
  • Check work regularly
  • Execute corner seams, stopping points and top stitching
  • Conscientious finishing and bias production
  • Regular preventive sewing machine maintenance including lubrication and cleaning
  • Maintaining work station, sewing machine shut down, put away accessories and fabric
Skills Requirement
  • Have good vision and acute sense of observation
  • Be highly meticulous
  • Finding pleasure in achieving a high quality product
  • Possess important manual dexterity and abilities
  • Have good sewing techniques
  • General basic knowledge in product assembling various pieces
  • Enjoy teamwork and communication,
  • Speak and write French
  • Sewing diploma would be an asset.
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