Has COVID-19 affected your production in any way?

Although we have recently re-opened after a 2 months shutdown, we now must operate with creative and new work methods in order to protect our staff and anyone entering our place of business. Logically, this caused production delays. Our ROLEF TEAM would like to thank you for your patience and understanding until we can get back to our usual and full operative mode.

How can I order one of your screens?

Send us an email at info@rolef.ca. Tell us the year of the vehicle, model or if it's a conversion - describe your RV in detail to help us custom fit your screen. Please take note that custom orders always take longer for us to make because we must build them one at a time.

Once my order is sent, what are the next steps?

We will communicate with you when we will be ready to start working on your order. In the meantime, please take pictures that are essential for us and forward them via email. We need a picture of the open door of your RV, where you intend to install our screen. The picture needs to be taken from the exterior at a straight angle. If you are ordering side and rear screens, we will need two pictures; one of each, to be clear.

My RV is a standard model; can you send me a standard screen?

Even if your RV is standard, all our doors are custom fit according to the various interior equipment you may have selected when purchasing your RV. Since there are different outfit choices for the same RV model, we need to take those in consideration. For example: A Mercedes Sprinter outfitted by Winnebago versus a Pleasure Way will necessitate 2 different screen models for a perfect and efficient fit!

What is delivery delay?

That depends if we already have a pattern for an identical outfitted RV as yours that we’ve built in the past. In that case, it should be quicker. However, pattern building requires a longer process and much care: we must confirm all measurements and specifications of your RV in order to conceive a unique and detailed pattern suited to fit your vehicle prior to cutting the fabric that our expert team of seamstresses will assemble. Before this crucial step, we require various pictures and information on your RV. We need to get it right the first time. Furthermore, the waiting list is long for custom orders because we must design them one at a time. We are doing our best to get the screens ready as fast as we can while keeping our team safe :)

Can I do the installation myself?

Sure, if you are handy. Many customers have installed their screens themselves. We have video that shows you how to go about it and some basic step-by-step written instructions that are on this website, click here. The installation may be done on a different vehicle from yours, but the same principles apply. We strongly recommend that you view these videos on the matter prior to your installation for better results.

I have looked at the videos and read the instructions. I don’t feel confident installing it myself. What can I do?

You can come to our warehouse in Laval, Quebec, Canada for a free installation. Take note that an appointment must be made prior for this. If it’s not possible for you, we go to the USA from time to time to offer free installations. By clicking LIKE on our Facebook page, we’ll keep people updated on our travels.

Does your mosquito netting provide no-see-ums protection?

Yes, absolutely! The tight mesh we use to build our screens prevent very tiny insects from passing through.

What are the fabric characteristics in your product?

They are fire-retardant, weather proof, mold resistant, UV resistant (including the zipper!), insulating and the mesh provides no-see-ums protection.

The screen is fixed to the RV with hook & loop fasteners, will it resist to high or low temperatures?

Our hook & loop fasteners are truly resistant. For the best installation results, make sure the weather is over 15 C or 59 F. The heat activates the glue creating a strong bond that becomes highly resistant. The glue helps to keep the screen in place during the installation. After which, we add some screws to ensure that the screen will not budge in the future. Once these steps are completed correctly, the door is solidly secured and will resist to high or low temperatures.

I have a problem with my screen, what should I do?

You can contact us at info@rolef.ca. We will ask you to provide your screen purchase date and place (dealer, events, online). We will need a detailed description of the problem and please include the following pictures. We’ll need a clear picture of the full door on the RV taken at a right angle, and another one with a zoom-in on the problem. We will provide help either by phone, at a rally or other events we attend, or at our facility in Laval through an appointment. Should those options not be viable for your, you may return your door directly to us for repairs or replacement after an inspection of the problem by our team. We will not offer this service if the product was damaged abusively or willingly.

Do you ship worldwide?

Yes, we do! You will simply have to cover the shipping surcharge difference.